Superhero Adult Costumes

Find your favorite Superhero Costumes for Halloween. Dress up as DC and Marvel Comics' all-star cast of Superheroes. Most costumes are officially trademarked an include authentic styles form the original movies.

Red Power Ranger Adult Costume deluxe includes one full red and white bodysuit
Wolverine Bodysuit Adult Costume deluxe includes one full bodysuit, complete coverage from head-to-toe and zipper closure
Ninja Turtles Donatello Adult Costume includes a green jumpsuit with attached shoe covers, green mask with printed purple ...
Batman Adult Costume Theatrical includes an amazing black shirt, pants, amazing black satin cape, mask, plus amazing molded ...

Batgirl Adult Costume includes a sexy purple jumpsuit version worn in the classic 60s televison show, with a yellow belt, ...
Ranger Muscle Adult Costume Green includes one jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, attached belt, belt buckle, full helmet, ...
Catwoman Adult Costume includes a black spandex jumpsuit, a black eye mask, and a black belt that accentuates the waist
Wonder Woman Adult Costume includes a red corset with yellow detailing and Wonder Woman logo, a blue layere skirt with glitter, ...

Batgirl Adult Costume includes a black corset with a yellow Batman logo, a black cape, a black eye mask, guantlets, and black ...
Spiderman Adult Costume includes the latest costume version of this Superhero Costume
Batman Costume includes black spandex jumpsuit, molded chest piece, golden belt, black cape, black gloves, headpiece and ...
Batman is coming to save the day! The Batman Muscle Chest - Adult Costume includes a grey Jumpsuit with logo, attached boot ...

Batman Costume includes muscle chest shirt with Batman logo, black pants, Batman headpiece, long cape and Batman gold belt
Flash Muscle Adult Costume includes Muscle Chest Jumpsuit with Attached Boot Tops, Belt and Lightning Accented Headpiece
Superman Supreme Adult Costume includes Top with Logo Attached, Pants, Briefs, Boot Tops, Cape and Belt
Superman Costume includes Red and blue muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, belt and cape

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Superhero Costumes appeal to Adults just as much as children. The idea of super human strength and special powers is an unattainable dream for now but at least you can pretend by dressing up as your favorite Superhero. You can become an alien super human that fights for justice on earth, like Superman and Thor or you can become the victim of a science experiment gone wrong that gives you special powers and abilities, like Spiderman. Are you more of the Mutant type? Dress up in original Marvel X-Men Costumes and be part of the next wave in human Evolution.

Superheroes have become the center of attention in Hollywood in the recent years. Marvel and DC Comics are in an all out battle to see who can dominate the big screen with the best Superhero Movies. This has definitely affected the Costume industry because these efforts have made Superhero Costumes the top choice for Halloween, Movie Premieres and Comic Book Conventions. Men and Women alike are fascinated with Superhero fiction and the comic book industry caters to both genders. Some of the most popular costumes include Wonder Woman, Batman, Cat Woman, Bat Girl, Spiderman, Wolverine and Black Widow from the Avengers. As if Marvel and DC’s competition wasn’t enough, the Movie Kick-Ass was released putting the traditional Superhero in the back burner with its realistic characters consisting of ordinary people who take the law in their own hands as Superheroes.

Become a super human crime fighter this Halloween with an officially licensed Superhero Costume featuring your favorite characters from Marvel, D.C. and other popular franchises.

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