Men Costumes

Find great Halloween costumes for the Modern Male. Represent you favorite character or Superhero in a great Men Costumes from a broad collection of manufacturers.

Pregnant School Girl Adult Costume includes a skin tone pregnant belly bodysuit, a white shirt tied up and a red plaid skirt
Darth Maul Adult Costume includes an amazing black and red costume top and Darth Maul red and black character mask with small ...
Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Plus size Costume includes a black jumpsuit with attached boot tops and with printed details ...
Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Adult Costume includes an amazing green jumpsuit with attached shoe covers, green mask and green ...

Angry Birds Space Lazer Adult Costume includes a light purple foam pullover with pillow pouch for stuffing
Angry Birds Space Ice Adult Costume includes a light blue foam pullover with pillow pouch for stuffing
Ninja Turtles Donatello Adult Costume includes a green jumpsuit with attached shoe covers, green mask with printed purple ...
Ninja Turtles Leonardo Adult Costume includes an amazing green jumpsuit with attached shoe covers, blue mask and yellow shell

Black Knight Adult Costume deluxe includes a black tunic with attached chainmail sleeves and with a white cross on the front ...
Wise Man Adult Costume includes a burgundy robe, a matching headpiece and a sash
Shepherd Adult Costume includes a white robe with an attached brown hooded overcoat and a matching rope cord belt
Moses Adult Costume includes a striped robe, a white under-robe, and a white rope cord belt

Curious George Adult Costume includes an amazing monkey headpiece with mask and an amazing brown monkey jumpsuit
Patches the Clown Adult Costume includes a long colorful jacket and a yellow shirt
Patriotic Hat and Shirt Adult Costume includes a patriotic foam hat and a short sleeve shirt designed to look like a vest ...
Monkey Mascot Adult Costume includes a plush brown jumpsuit with attached mitts and shoe covers and a headpiece with face ...

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Since the dawn of human kind, men have always worn costumes. In their most primitive form, men were part of hunter-gatherer societies in which the male’s role was to go out into the wild and hunt down the prey that would later feed their family. Ingenious techniques were developed in order for these men to be able to sneak up on their unsuspecting victims. One of the easiest tricks was to blend in with their prey by disguising themselves with paint, mud, plants, leaves or anything that would make them blend in with their surroundings. Later on, these disguises became more elaborate Costumes using animal furs, feathers, bones, etc.

Through history we have see the most interesting Men’s Costumes come about; of course, at the time these garments were not considered costumes because these were everyday clothes. We saw Egyptian Pharaoh Costume’s involving fancy jewelry and head dresses, we have seen simplistic Greek Togas and olive branch crowns, Roman Warrior Costumes fully armored, Noble Knights wearing the trendiest jousting attire, Flamboyant Kings with sophisticated robes and crowns and many different cultural costumes that lead us to today fascination with disguises.

This Halloween, express you innate Male desire to wear a great disguise by getting one of these great men’s costumes. Wear great Costumes to commemorate the male that laid down the foundation for Men’s Costumes in the past or just dress as your favorite modern Superhero. You can’t go wrong with a selection that has it all. Enjoy your costume!

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