Couples Costumes

Adult Couples' Costumes for Women & Men. Angels to Zombies, find nice selection of Couples Halloween costumes in hundreds of styles. Creative and unique designs of Sexy Costumes & Plus Size Costumes.

Jolly Jester Adult Costume includes a green and purple jester hat, a green and purple top with wide sleeves, a matching collar, ...
Thing 2 Adult Plus size Costume Kit includes one long sleeve character shirt and a blue furry wig
Wheres Waldo Wenda Adult Costume includes red and white striped tank dress with blue mini skirt, matching striped stockings, ...
Thing 2 Adult Costume Kit includes one long sleeve character shirt and a blue furry wig

Plug and Socket Adult Costume includes a fabric 3-D plug piece that goes around the waist and and a socket dress
Fried Egg Adult Costume includes a One piece tunic that looks just like a real fried egg with a hole for your head
Dragon Lady Adult Costume includes a fitted red brocade dress with gold satin shoulder accents and a sheer organza layered ...
Dragon Lord Adult Costume includes an epic brown chain mail printed tunic, vinyl chest armor with dragon scale details, vinyl ...

Ringmaster Adult Plus size Costume includes a long red coat with chain closure and gold trim detail, gold vest, white dickie ...
Ringmaster Adult Costume includes a long red coat with chain closure and gold trim detail, gold vest, white dickie shirt ...
Dark Red Riding Hood Adult Costume includes dark red dress with black ribbon lacing, and high cut slit, matching red hooded ...
Valiant Knight Plus size Costume includes two tone long tunic with chain mail sleeves and features a gold dragon on the chest ...

Caribbean Queen Adult Costume includes quality deluxe coat dress made of deep purple velvet with rich gold trim, long tails ...
Lily Munster Costume includes a long white flowing dress and black wig with a white streak
Prince Charming Costume includes military style jacket with attached epaulets, slacks, jacquard sash, military belt and medal
Enchanting Princess Costume includes full-length satin and brocade ball gown with attached peplum, hoop petticoat, long white ...

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Have loads of fun with a loved one! Couples Costumes are becoming increasingly popular as more costumes are released featuring great characters with amazing supporting casts. When you encounter your perfect match you will be guaranteed to have a blast.

Fans of Dr. Seuss can dress up as Thing One and Thing Two. These great costumes bring the Cat in the Hat’s most unruly characters to life and they make great options for couple looking for some disruptive Halloween Fun. For another perfect pairing that will get great laughs, try Ketchup and Mustard. Everyone loves these two condiments in Hot Dogs and Burgers and they are even more beloved when they are Couples Costumes. If you want to add a third option, the Hot Dog Costume goes perfectly with the Mustard and Ketchup Costume Crew. There are many funny options of couples’ costumes for you and your loved ones. Let the sparks fly with the plug and socket costume, this pairing is perfect for an electric party fun night. In similar humor, find the USB Port and Stick Costume, a perfect way to have mega bytes of fun. There are hundreds of other pairs like this: Eggs and Bacon, Coke and Diet Coke, Beavis and Butt Head, Spy vs. Spy, Adam and Eve, Bull and Bull Fighter and many more.

Make the next Halloween or Costume Theme Party and unselfish event. Choose from hundreds of options of Couples Costumes so you and your significant other have an unforgettable celebration. Partner up and have some fun.

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